Michael & DeLene McQueen – 37 Diamond ‘T’

I have an all original 1949 Diamond “T” 1 ton truck. In 2001 I was at the Scottsdale Pavilions car show with my Diamond “T”. Some guy came up to me and said he has been quail hunting in New River, AZ for over 29 years and said he saw a Diamond “T” truck while hunting just sitting there. He gave me directions on how to find it. So, I went to New River, found the truck

Michael & DeLene McQueen – 37 Diamond ‘T’2021-05-04T17:18:21-06:00

Mark & Robbie Miller’s 1972 Ford Maverick

When I was 20 years old, I built a 1972 Maverick “World of Wheels” car that my friends affectionately named the “Million Dollar Maverick”. You can probably guess that I spent quite a bit of money on that car – not a million dollars, but a considerable amount for a 20-year-old body man. As life goes, and you’ve more than likely heard many times from others’, I sold the car.   I searched for many years later to

Mark & Robbie Miller’s 1972 Ford Maverick2021-04-29T19:22:11-06:00

Mike Gray’s – 1968 Chevrolet C-10

Mike Gray has owned this 1968 Chevrolet C-10 since he was 18 years old. His senior year of high school. in 1976, he rode his bicycle up to Lou Grubb Chevrolet and bought this 396 Big Block Long Bed for $1,200. Mike and his brother, David, shortened it 14 inches in 1980. Much later, in 1997, Mike decided to build it to a Pro-Street Truck and add the military tribute on the back. The names on the

Mike Gray’s – 1968 Chevrolet C-102021-05-04T16:50:45-06:00

Frankie & Kathline Debick – 1950 Mercury Custom

This was always my dream car. I was fortunate to find this ’50 Merc. A friend called and said he seen an ad in the paper. Tom Chambers, and Scott Smith went with me to see it. No Rust Arizona car. As soon as I seen it, it was mine. Tom Chambers, and Scott Smith built this beauty for me. What a great job they did, I could not have asked for anymore. It’s powered by a

Frankie & Kathline Debick – 1950 Mercury Custom2021-05-04T16:46:37-06:00
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